In the Philippines, regardless of socioeconomic status, people use the same water, air and land which are extremely in poor condition compared to Japan. Especially, infrastructures of water supply and sewage are not well-equipped. One example is the problem with clean drinking water (tap water). There are people who get diseases when they drink tap water because the facilities and purification methods used are different from one place to another. Similar problem with sewage facilities that are unsanitary and constructed sloppily compared to Japan. In the Philippines we can often see on the news incidents like people falling from the gutter and swept away by flood, missing, dead and even suffer from dengue.

Abandoned garbage

Vaccination against Polio for children, which is imposed by the Philippine government, has been given at our facilities for single mothers. Littering is very common anywhere in the Philippines, which we hardly see in Japan. Filipinos live every day in such unsanitary condition.

Our main concern is the use of illegal drugs which is prevalent even among children. They take drugs to escape from the reality of being part of poverty. As a result, we taught children in various ways and made our best efforts to develop their healthy hygiene practices with the cooperation of other institutions.

After incinerating garbage