The Philippines does not have compulsory education system compared in Japan. In this country K12 education system is composed of 9 years elementary and 3 years high school education. The fact that going to school is not mandatory, people cannot get any help from the government thus, it is impossible for children to go to school and study without money. Furthermore, many children drop out of school due to the fact that their parents cannot make enough money to sustain their needs such as fare and school meals.


School Building

Dormitory for Students

Moreover, schools in rural areas take a couple of hours walk to reach. School materials such as textbooks are not provided for free even for schools under the government. Accordingly, we give assistance to children and donate scholarship, textbooks, and facilities to rural and poverty-stricken areas. We will do our best to provide them a better environment for their study.

Dormitory for Teachers

Students with Mr. Tanahashi

Students with Mr. Tanahashi