NPO One Asia

Our Mission

Relief from the poverty of the people living in Asia and Africa, when we look down the world right now, is an urgent task. In particular, poverty is still found as a serious problem, although Japan’s neighbor and friend countries of Asia such as Thailand Kingdom, Malaysia and Indonesia have achieved miracle economic development.

Had 40 years engaged in the work of TV news and program production and seen the real poor world that ordinary people would never want to encounter, there still are people suffering in the base and the situation seems as tough as before. The Government ODA and numerous companies have been continuing supports, but people there sought a more grass-roots supports.

In order to let those left behind people live on themselves, not just informing the situation to the public but also real action to reach out to those people is required although one action might be very small. We have known this and we need to make actions. Poverty not only gives people tough time but also is causing various evils.
I want to help to give those poor people the opportunity of a way to live on themselves, appealing to comrades who agree this prospectus.

Also, in Philippines visited many times by coverage, I cannot tolerate the fact that there exist non-Japanese of Japanese descent “Nikkeijin” (those who have parent served in military in Philippines before and during World War II ) who want to get permanent resident status of Japan and “new Nikkeijin” (those born between Japanese men and Filipino women who came to Japan mainly since the 1980s). Both many of Nikkeijin and new Nikkeijin still could not get permanent residence status of Japan, although the second generation of Philippines-born Nikkeijin are getting older and the number of new Nikkeijin is estimated more than 100 thousand. Third generation of Nikkeijin and new Nikkeijin are young and may be promising in the Japanese aging society.

To contribute to society who nurtured us under the name of NPO ONE ASIA, I would like to achieve the desired outcome.

Director Seiichiro Kawamoto